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Blue Topaz Spiral Pendant

Blue Topaz Spiral Pendant£49.00  -  £53.50

Ruby Teardrop Pendant

Ruby Teardrop Pendant£42.00  -  £45.50

Ruby Lily Pendant

Ruby Lily Pendant£40.00  -  £45.50

Ruby Oval Pendant

Ruby Oval Pendant£40.00  -  £45.50

Silver Amethyst Cross

Silver Amethyst Cross£39.00  -  £44.50

Large Silver Heart Pendant

Large Silver Heart Pendant£38.00  -  £42.50

Blue Opal Maze Pendant

Blue Opal Maze Pendant£34.00  -  £38.50

Blue Topaz Abstract Pendant

Blue Topaz Abstract Pendant£34.00  -  £38.50

Garnet Pendant

Garnet Pendant£30.00  -  £35.50

Amethyst Silver Celtic Cross

Amethyst Silver Celtic Cross£32.00  -  £37.00

Double Amethyst Pendant

Double Amethyst Pendant£32.00  -  £37.00

Blue Kyanite Oval Pendant

Blue Kyanite Oval Pendant£30.00  -  £335.00

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Page 1 of 7:    83 Items
Birthstone of the Month

O is for October and Opal

Blue Opal Fish PendantOpal is the official birthstone for those born in October.  Mined opal, most of which comes from Australia, is a very expensive stone because of its scarcity and the difficulty in mining it. 

Thankfully for opal lovers everywhere, synthetic opal is a fraction of the cost but can have amazing colour play and look just as beautiful.  Check out our selection of very affordable synthetic opal pieces set in silver,