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Silver Art Deco Style Earrings

Silver Art Deco Style Earrings£42.00

Green Agate Marcasite Earrings

Green Agate Marcasite Earrings£34.00

Labradorite Silver Abstract Pendant

Labradorite Silver Abstract Pendant£32.00  -  £37.00

Black Agate Marcasite Earrings

Black Agate Marcasite Earrings£30.00

Blue Kyanite Oval Pendant

Blue Kyanite Oval Pendant£30.00  -  £36.00

Blue Paua Shell Pendant

Blue Paua Shell Pendant£30.00  -  £35.50

Pink Paua Shell Pendant

Pink Paua Shell Pendant£30.00  -  £36.50

Purple Paua Oval Pendant

Purple Paua Oval Pendant£30.00  -  £35.50

Art Deco Style Pendant

Art Deco Style Pendant£27.00  -  £32.50

Green Agate Silver Pendant

Green Agate Silver Pendant£22.00  -  £28.00

Yellow Jade Choker

Yellow Jade Choker£20.00

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Page 1 of 2:    13 Items
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